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فريق الدعم الخاص بنا فى خدمتكم لاى استفسارات او اسئلة.
مرحباً،كيف يمكننى مساعدتك؟
e Solutions Egypt | Drugs Gateway
Pharmacy automation,pharmacy manage,software,
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About This Project

Manage your hospital easily:

  • Room Sets
  • Bed Sets
  • Patient and Campaigns Identification
  • Doctor Sets
  • Blood Bank Sets
  • System admin sets
  • Operations Set
  • Reception Set
  • Clinic Set
  • Scan and Lab Set
  • Medical Purchases Set
  • Medical Accounting Set
  • Nursery Set


Egyptian management with creative scientific ideas and Egyptian hands

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Program Features

HMIS Module Pharmacy Management Module HR Module Accounting Module


December 02, 2011


Medical And Healthcare